Regent University

1000 Regent University Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Regent University is one of the nation's academic centers for Christian thought and action, with a multitude of on-campus and online programs available worldwide. Our academic standards for both our graduate and undergraduate programs are high and our programs rigorous. But what sets Regent apart is our mission to prepare capable men and women to excel both in mind and spirit. Our students, faculty and administrators share a calling, founded on biblical principles, to make a significant difference in our communities, our cities, our nation and our world.

Leadership & Influence

When Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson, Regent president and chancellor, established the university in 1978, he envisioned a high-caliber institution that would attract a leadership team brimming with superior professional experience and extraordinary academic credentials. In just three decades, that vision is being fulfilled. Distinguished faculty and guest lecturers include John Ashcroft, former U.S. Attorney General; Vern Clark, former Chief of Naval Operations; Steve Forbes, president and CEO of Forbes, Inc. and others. Regent also exposes students to speakers who are front and center on some of the most important issues of our time. Nationally covered events such as Clash of the Titans®, The Ronald Reagan Symposium and Executive Leadership Series, allow students and the greater community to learn firsthand from major world and national leaders about today's most pressing issues. The combination of committed leaders and diligent students has produced alumni who occupy strategic positions in a multitude of venues worldwide. They take seriously their call to lead and serve others and excel in their professions, which include Virginia Attorney General, Louisiana State Senator, National Middle School Principal of the Year, Hollywood screenwriters, National Milken Educator Award Winner and Assistant Secretary of Labor.

Shaping the Future

The 21st century offers an opportunity unparalleled in human history. A new generation of highly skilled leaders is impacting the global landscape. As we continue to nurture a vibrant academic community fully engaged in excellence, integrity and innovation in every sphere, Regent University stands ready to equip and empower Christian leaders who will change the world.


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Regent Business School is Excellent

I attended the Regent Business Grad School (now called the "School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship") in the late 1990's, and it was a very good school and continue to hear good things. The campus and facilities are first-rate. They now have an undergraduate program as well.

Even though the school was started by Pat Robertson, it is not as tied with CBN/700 Club as other Christian schools are with their founder's ministries. It is on the same grounds as CBN but very separate. I only went to a couple of 700 Club viewings while I was there and most students never went to any.

Virginia Beach is an awesome place to live for a few years, and I loved going to the beach! At least back then the social life in the grad school wasn't as much as I was used to in college, but I think things have changed with the undergrad program there now.

Overall a great school in a great place to live...and with good distance education as well. Strong Biblical values and a good mix of students from various denominations and backgrounds.