Study Tips for Christian Students

Contributed by: Jennifer

Studying can be cumbersome and boring, but it is something that all college students have to do in order to succeed while at college.

Attending a Christian college is no different, except there may be a few exceptions. One tip for studying successfully while attending a Christian college is to study with a group of students. This can help you stay focused as well give you the ability to create fellowships with other students in your class. There may be only limited internet access while attending a Christian college; you may not be allowed to have individual network connections in your dorm room.

This may make things a little more difficult when it comes to research for projects or other issues. If you do not have any internet access in your room, one of the best things that you can do is to write down exactly what you need to study or research and look up the information that you need while visiting the library or another place that will allow you to browse on the internet. Taking good notes while in class will help you out as well when it comes time to study for tests, exams or home work.

Another good study tip is to actually record the lectures that your professor gives. That way you can continue to go back and listen to them throughout the week or even throughout the semester.

Being organized is a great way for successful studying. Files and folders for each class can help you stay organized. You should avoid late night study sessions or “all nighters” as these nights very rarely help you actually retain any of the information that you are trying to recall or learn.

Playing music or the television while you are trying to study is a way to stay distracted and will make it harder for you to recall the information that you are trying to learn. Just like your college classes are on a schedule, your study habits should be on one as well. This means that you will have to set aside certain times of the day or evening to make sure that you get your homework done as well as review what you have learned in class.

Getting enough rest as well as eating a healthy diet and making sure that you squeeze in a sometime for relaxation and fun will also help you maintain good habits and adjust to college life. College is one of the most important and exciting times of your life. Being able to maintain good grades and a healthy lifestyle will help you stay focused on your success.

If you find that you are beginning to slip academically most colleges have student success centers that can help you get back on your feet, there are also tutoring services that can help you understand classes that you might be having problems with.

Christian colleges may have other specific rules and regulations that they expect you to follow especially considering your academics and your academic success. One good idea is to make sure that you are very familiar with what your school expects of you. If you are a first year college student you may have to take certain classes that deal with student life and life in general on a college campus.

This will help assure you that you will know exactly what is expected of you. By following these tips, your college or university hand book and your own abilities your college experience will be one that you will be able to be proud of!

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